Today in the city Mud Lake 22.08.2017
New York Agency Shuts Down Lake Party Year After Fatal Crash

A state agency has banned a raucous gathering of boaters from being held in a popular bay on an Adirondack lake after a fatal boat crash followed the annual event last year.

You Gotta Have It — Target’s Lisa Frank PJs Collection Is Here

Journey back with me to the '90s, with the mellifluous melody of the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" in your ears and the sweet taste of Bagel Bites on your tongue. How can we not be nostalgic for a time when...

9 tips for ordering wine at a restaurant without feeling like an idiot

The INSIDER Summary: There's a reason why sommelier school is so grueling: Knowing how to order and drink wine is not easy. Three master sommeliers shared their top tips for ordering wine a...

GM 2Q Net Earnings Fall on Loss From Sale of European Unit

General Motors' second-quarter net profit fell more than 40 percent largely due to a loss from the sale of its European unit.

Lego Boost can turn anyone into a robot genius

Read more... {"player":{"description":"Lego is getting smarter.","image":"

Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski reels after Trump's latest tweets: 'It feels like he's treating Sessions ... like Rosie O'Donnell'

Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski suggested Tuesday that President Trump's recent treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn't all that different from Trump's treatment of one of his greatest mortal...

McDonald's latest regional burger is selling like crazy even though it makes people mad

The Golden Arches' latest handiwork in the Southeast Asian city-state has been the subject of hot debate among residents.

This Lego stop-motion film is the real breakfast of champions - CNET

Lego: It's what's for breakfast. Smartly made video shows morning meal prep where Lego bricks replace everything edible.

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